Linux 下 ctrl+s 假死恢复

使用 SecureCRT 或者 Xshell 时,偶尔发生屏幕假死,不能输入等情况。
后来发现,只要输入 ctrl+s,就会假死。
输入 ctrl+q 就可以恢复过来。
ctrl+s 是一个古老的 shell 控制键,再输入 ctrl+q 就可以恢复了。

When you use terminal/putty/secureCRT/xshell,you can mistakenly type ctrl-s.It makes terminal freeze.It is because ctrl-s is an flow control signal to terminals.To resume the terminal,you should push ctrl-q.

This is not very convenient solution.We use ctrl-s a lot, especially for EMACS users.To prevent this,you can add this line in your login script.

stty stop undef
You can confirm this setting using this command.

stty -a
The stop section should be undef.